What to Do With Your Cat When You're Away from Home

What to Do With Your Cat When You’re Away from Home

With Petsmatig’s wire cage, your cat will be safe and serene while you’re out

It’s natural that you’ll miss your cat when you’re away from home, but you’re not the only one in the relationship bound to experience a little (or a lot of) separation anxiety. When duty calls and you need to head to the office, run some errands, or just want to spend quality time with your loved ones out of the house, your cat may become stressed, lonely and agitated. This can lead to some pretty destructive behavior on kitty’s part – directed at themselves, and at your home and its contents.

What are you to do?

Here are four useful tips. Don’t be stingy – try them all before you next head out of the house and experience the difference in your cat’s demeanor and your peace of mind.

1 – Keep them safe

Safety first! While you’re out of the house, ensure your cat cannot get into any potentially self or otherwise destructive mischief, so that you return to a furry friend who is happy to see you, and who isn’t stuck with their head in a pickle jar, or a paw in the garbage disposal. A Petsmatig wire cage is an ideal solution to ensure your cat’s comfort and safety for however long you’re out and about. Large enough to enable mobility and secure enough to keep them contained, the Petsmatig cage will keep your cat out of harm’s way, without leaving them feeling claustrophobic and confined.

2 – Keep them entertained

Boredom is the bane of any being’s existence. Ensure your pet isn’t climbing the walls – of your house or their Petsmatig cage, by providing them with entertainment for their time alone at home. Puzzles, scratch posts and other toys are sure to do the trick. Pro tip: have a stash of toys in a closet. Only place three toys in your cat’s cage at a time, rotating them out periodically to keep things fresh, and keep your favorite feline engaged and entertained. That way, they’ll barely even notice you’ve stepped out!

3 – Keep them healthy

A healthy cat is a happy cat – but a cat left waiting for their next meal, drink or trip to the litter box will be fit to be tied. Ensure your cat’s health needs are met before you leave the home. Place food and water in their cage (you can use attachable dispensers to help avoid waste) and line a bottom section of the cage with kitty litter, so they can do their business as soon as nature calls. This, of course, on top of taking your cat for regular vet checkups and looking out for kitty illnesses and ailments that might make their time home alone particularly painful.

4 – Keep them from getting lonely

If you’re planning on regularly being out of the house for hours at a time, it might be wise to consider adopting a second cat. Though many consider cats to be antisocial creatures, they do crave interaction, in their own special way. Having a second cat can help alleviate loneliness and help both kitties entertain themselves and each other. And lucky for you, both cats can comfortably fit inside your Petsmatig cage, so they can easily keep each other company.

Note that if you’re going out of town, for business or for pleasures, it’s a good idea to ask someone to stop by and care for your cat(s) from time to time. This will help relieve any separation anxiety (yours and your cat’s), ensure there’s always enough food and water in the cage, and that the kitty litter hasn’t been overrun with droppings.

Bottom line

Adopting a cat is a full-time job that doesn’t pause when you’re away from home. Follow the above four tips and help your pet feel safe, secure and loved, even when you’re apart.

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